Reporting Guidelines

Garden Hours. Garden hours may be obtained by working in any Unit-sponsored garden, including seed cleaning. Approved gardens include Festival Hill and Brenham ISD, as well as other gardens that may be approved by the Unit Board based on exceptional circumstances.

Herbal Forum at Round Top. Includes administrative duties and assigned support before, during, and after the Forum. Working during the year to support all efforts pertaining to the preparation of items, such as for Thyme Well Spent Shoppe.

Hosting at a Meeting. Duties include preparing morning refreshments, setting-up the room, decorating, serving lunch, cleaning, and re-setting the meeting location.

Educational Activities. Duties that promote the knowledge, use, and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing these experiences with the community. Examples are presentations (including preparation), assisting speakers (individuals or groups of members), writing articles for the unit newsletter (up to 4 hours preparation), participating at Herb Day, Earth Day, Christmas at Winedale, or other approved educational events.

Unit Administration. Hours spent performing duties as an Officer or a Unit Board of Directors member, maintaining and updating the unit scrapbook, and sending greeting cards to unit members.

Other Approved Activities. The Board may approve upon review.

Hours Not Applicable Include: Travel time to and from any activity does not count as required volunteer hours but these hours should be noted.

Special Interest Groups. Hours in special interest groups such as Westside Culinary, the Book Club or other study groups would not be included as these are personal enhancements and do not benefit the Pioneer Unit, with exception of the group Chair’s planning time.

Attending unit meetings. (Except March preparation for Forum) Preparing a dish for lunch at a unit meeting would not count toward required hours.