Pioneer Unit

Herb: any plant that serves a purpose other than providing food, wood, or beauty.

The Pioneer Unit is a non-profit, service, and educational organization that is part of the South Central District of The Herb Society of America. It was formed in 1992 in Round Top, Texas, for the charitable and educational purposes of furthering the knowledge and use of herbs and of contributing the results to the records of horticulture and science.

The Unit gathers at 9:30 am on the second Thursday of every month (except August) at locations throughout our area. Every meeting features interesting and informative programs with various expert speakers on a wide range of topics that deal with herbs and gardening. Each meeting is followed by a luncheon with a variety of tasty dishes usually prepared by our members.

In this area of Texas we are blessed with the kind of growing conditions that enable us to raise a wide variety of wonderful plants. We are also blessed to have many members that have great knowledge and experience and who are willing to educate any and all who are interesting in cultivating and utilizing herbs.

Contact Information:
P O Box 23
Round Top TX 78954



“Savoring Our Herbal Heritage with Savory: Herb of the Year 2015″

Reserve the dates for this year’s sale: Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Since the weather looks like rain this weekend, we are going to open the Herb Sale at 8 a.m. Friday (when it’s forecast to NOT be raining). Come early before the deluge sets in.

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Plant List 2015

RESERVE MARCH 18-19, 2016 for next year’s sale. Check back for details in a few weeks.