• Elected by the membership
  • Officer of the Board
  • Member of the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Attend all Unit meetings as possible
  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Attend all Officers of the Board meetings
  • Two year term beginning July 1st following election

General Statement: Shall receive all moneys collected and have custody of the Unit funds.


  • Shall serve as Chair of the Budget Committee, which shall have responsibility of developing a budget for approval by the Board of Directors. The budget for the upcoming Unit year shall be submitted for approval of the Board at the last board meeting of the current Unit year or the first board meeting of a new board.
  • Shall maintain checking and savings accounts in the name of the HSA, Pioneer Unit.
  • Along with the Unit Chair, is responsible for changes in banking signature cards for all checking, saving, and investment accounts and the safe deposit box.
  • Shall issue checks as directed, recording all receipts and disbursements of the Unit.
  • Shall balance the accounts monthly.
  • Shall work closely with the Second Vice Chair -Membership to see that dues are paid and

membership information is current.

  • Shall work with the Second Vice Chair -Membership to receive prorated dues from new members and submit payment of dues, along with pertinent information, to HSA national headquarters for national membership.
  • Shall present books for auditing upon request of the Officers of the Board.
  • Shall make a presentation of the status of the budget at all Board meetings.
  • Shall make a final budget statement at the first Board meeting of the new Unit year.
  • Shall submit a written budget report at the Unit Annual Meeting which enumerates the financial functioning of the previous year.
  • Shall prepare and submit to the IRS a yearly financial statement as required by the IRS. These proper forms must be submitted to the IRS by November 15tth following the end of the financial year.
  • Shall keep one of two keys for the safety deposit box, the other being in the care of the Unit Chairman.
  • Following the Unit annual meeting at the end of the two year term and before July 1st, you must meet with your successor. At this meeting provide transition documents and provide operational procedures to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming Board of Directors.

Treasurer Time Line


  • Balance the bank statement(s).
  • Make deposits as needed.
  • Write checks as needed.
  • Reconcile the ledger (budget) with the bank statement.


  • Produce the budget for the Unit with the input of other chairmen – for discussion and approval at the July board meeting at the commencement of the new financial year. The budget is subject to discussion, amendment, and approval at this board meeting.
  • After the budget is approved a ledger based on the budget should be constructed in order to keep track of income and expenditures and so that the budget can be reconciled for reporting purposes.
  • An end of the year budget report should be made available to the Unit at the Unit’s annual

meeting in June.

  • Tax statements for the previous financial year must be prepared and sent to the IRS on a yearly basis. This needs to be done by November 15th – 4.5 months following the end of the financial year.

Other Times:

  • A budget status report should be made at every regular meeting of the board.