Thyme Well Spent Shoppe Chair / Co-Chairs

Appointed by the Unit Chair and approved by the Board of Directors

Member of the Board of Directors (BOD)

Attend all Unit meetings as possible

Attend all Board meetings

Two year term beginning July 1st following appointment

General Statement: The Thyme Well Spent Shoppe (TWSS) Chair(s) shall be in charge of coordinating all functions of the annual Pioneer Unit shop sales.


  • Appoint members of the unit to coordinate the making of various products to be sold in the TWSS, e.g., culinary/dried seasonings, chutneys, jellies, herbal teas, mustards, vinegars, dried flowers, herbal products, seeds, stitched items and other miscellaneous products to be made.
  • Appoint a member to be in charge of Hospitality in the TWSS during shop hours.
  • Shall work with the Treasurer to determine the yearly budgets for the TWSS.
  • Shall submit all invoices needing payment to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
  • Purchase all supplies, turning in requests for reimbursement to the Treasurer, or coordinate such purchases to secure direct payment from the Treasurer.
  • Shall submit articles to the newsletter as necessary requesting needs for the shop such as members to sew, embroider or make other products to be sold.
  • Update Sales Sheet and Inventory for the current year, obtaining information from various members in charge of making the various products.
  • Assure labels are made and/or make labels for products, obtaining information from various members in charge of making the various products.
  • Organize March meeting for members to put finishing touches on products, e.g., apply labels to packaging, package seasonings, finishing touches on sewn items, pricing stitched items, and any other tasks needed.
  • Organize volunteers to work in shop as sales associates and cashiers during Forum.
  • Set-up shop the week of Forum and take-down shop after Forum.
  • Coordinate sale of unsold products at the Pioneer Unit’s April meeting. Arrange for volunteers to setup, sell, cashier and tear down.
  • Seek ideas for new products to sell in the shop.
  • Submit a written report at the Annual Unit Meeting enumerating accomplishments of the previous year.

-6/10/2016 by Louise Rice and Pat Cox

Thyme Well Spent Shoppe Time Line


July – Confirm members are willing to continue to coordinate making various products made the prior year. Arrange for other members to take over where necessary.

July – October – Decide on products to continue to make, those to discontinue, new products and number of items to make.

March Meeting:

Week of March meeting, set up room, and bring supplies needed from the Pioneer Unit storage unit.

Day of March Pioneer Unit Meeting – assign members to areas to put final touches on products.


January – start arranging for volunteers to help with set-up, to run the shop (sales associates and cashiers) and tear-down.

Set up of the shop begins Monday before the Forum, continues through the week as needed and completed by Thursday.

Tear down begins after the shop closes on Saturday. Unsold items are inventoried and packed in boxes. Products are taken home by those that made them and brought to April meeting for sale to members.

Shelving and other items used to display products are taken to storage unit on Sunday or Monday after Forum.


February – begin to gather as much information as possible on products made for the inventory worksheet, to price the items and to make the labels. Will need number of items made, the exact name of the product to put on the label and this name will also be used to identify the item on the sales sheets and inventory worksheet.

March – week of Forum – Finalize inventory worksheet, sales sheets and labels.

March – Thursday before Forum – Make copies of sales sheets.