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Botanical Name/Etymology: Ilex vomitoria — The genus name Ilex is that given to all hollies. The specific epithet vomitoria is used in reference to the use of this plant by native peoples as a purgative (more about this below).

Common Name(s): yaupon, cassina, wild/native holly Continue reading Holly


Botanical Name/Etymology: Sesamum indicum (syn. S. orientale)

Family Name:  Pedaliaceae

Common Name(s) — sesame, benne (African), gingili, semsent (ancient Egyptian), til, ajonnoli, tahini (ground paste), halvah. The botanical and common names of Sesamum and sesame are believed to be derived from the Arabic work for the plant and seeds: simsim. Continue reading Sesame


Botanical Name: Sambucus nigra

Family Name: Caprifoliaceae

Common Name(s) –Elderberry, elder, European elder, black elder, common elder, elder bush, pipe tree, bore tree, and “Medicine Chest of the People.” Botanical name comes from the Greek word “sambuke” meaning “a musical pipe” in reference to the hollowed shoots which are used to make pipes. The common name of “elder” from the Anglo-Saxon word aeld, meaning “fire,” as the stems were commonly used as kindling. Continue reading Elderberry