Second Vice Chair – Membership


  • Elected by the Pioneer Unit Membership
  • Officer of the Board
  • Member of the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Serves on the Yearbook Committee under the directorship of the First Vice Chair-Programs
  • Attend all Unit meetings as possible (if not, appoint someone to fill in)
  • Attend all Board of Directors Meetings
  • Two year term beginning July 1st following election


Between Unit Meetings:

  • Prepare newsletter article, which should include but is not limited to:

-Names of visitors and member who invited them

-New members with their contact info and birthday and the member who invited them.

– A brief bio about the new member will be included in the box for New Member(s)!

-Yearbook additions and/or corrections, i.e., new members, contact info changes, etc.

-Other announcements

-Renewal application included in April edition and posted to website

  • Send addresses of prospective members or other interested parties to editor of Newsletter and member who mails same. Provide a previous copy of Yearbook to prospective members to peruse and familiarize themselves with Bylaws etc.
  • Email First and Third Visit Letter of Information to eligible visitors (prospective members) and Applications for Membership to those who have completed Membership Requirements (attend 3 meetings and volunteer 2 garden hours at each Unit-sponsored garden.)
  • Poll Board to vote on new member applicants as quickly as applicant has completed the requirements described above and paid their new member dues (either in full at beginning of year or pro-rated according to month in which joined (including their $5 member badge fee). Voting may be accomplished by email, phone, or in person if at a Unit meeting.
  • Order and provide name badges for new members and provide them with current copy of Yearbook. Give dues and membership info to Treasurer and notify HSA Membership of new member to add to roster. Update Unit Membership Roster.

At Board meetings:

  • Present current Membership info, including total number of members (active and affiliate), and names of new active or affiliate members. Although new members may have been voted for and accepted between meetings, they should be mentioned for ratification and recording in the Minutes of the Board.
  • Submit a preliminary Annual Membership Report for Board and Membership to peruse at the Annual Business Meeting in June.
  • Submit Annual Membership Report for Board to peruse and approve before sending to HSA National Headquarters in July.
  • Any other ideas or suggestions proposed or inquired by member body.

Annual Time Line:


  • Print Volunteer Hours Record Sheets for Members’ Volunteer Hours/Donations

Book (each member has a separate sheet for ease of use in recording). As changes in hours and meetings attended occur, email (or mail) to member for their record if they desire. Some members do not wish to receive.

  • Meet with Yearbook Committee for preparation of Annual Yearbook (First Vice Chair – Programs provides programs info and Unit Chair provides Board of Directors and Standing Committees info.) Another member(s) will proofread yearbook before being sent to printer.
  • Peruse and present for approval any necessary budget changes.


  • Distribute Yearbooks to all members ideally at September Unit meeting or next one attended.
  • Mail yearbooks to out of town affiliate members and those who do not regularly attend Unit meetings.
  • Submit digital copy of Yearbook to Webmaster to print online.


  • Remind members to update hours for half-year summary.


  • Print Renewal Applications to be available at April Unit meeting and include online (a copy will be in April Newsletter) and collect dues and renewal applications from members.
  • Membership dues ideally are due May 1 and certainly by June 15 in order that Treasurer may complete IRS reports in June and Annual Report by June 30


  • Tally all Volunteer Hours and Donations – may wish to have committee help.
  • Provide current Membership Roster to Chair, Secretary, and Yearbook Committee by June 30, including additions, changes, and deletions as incurred.
  • Prepare Annual Membership Report for Unit and National to present at July Board.
  • Forward all dues received with attached Membership Roster to Treasurer.
  • Revise and update Transition records.