Plant Sale Chair

  • Appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Attend all Unit meetings as possible
  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Two year term beginning July 1st following appointment

General Statement: The Plant Sale Chair shall be in charge of coordinating all functions of the annual Unit plant sale.


  • Appoint members of the Plant Sale Committee co-chairs, e.g., volunteer coordination, set-up/tear-down, financial oversight, as needed.
  • Work with the person responsible for ordering of all plants for the plant sale from vendors. Orders should be processed in a timely manner and based on the history of orders and sales for previous years. A plant sale list will be created for inclusion in the Herbal Forum information packet and completed in a timely matter (for printing purposes).
  • Work with the Festival Hill Herbal Forum Director and Pioneer Unit Herbal Forum Coordinator in order to coordinate all activities.
  • Coordinate the set-up and tear-down of the plant sale.
  • Ensure that all sales receipts are turned over to the Treasurer for deposit into the Unit’s accounts.
  • Ensure the submission of all invoices needing payment to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the sales and/or dispersion of leftover plant materials.
  • Purchase Plant Sale supplies, turning in requests for reimbursement to the Treasurer.
  • Ensure the submission of a proposed budget for plant purchases to the Board for approval at its January Board meeting.
  • Ensure that the plant sale permit through the TDA is kept up to date.
  • Submit a written report at the Annual Unit Meeting enumerating accomplishments of the previous year.
  • As per board meeting on May 2, 2006, the board requests that a degreed or highly certified horticulturist be on hand at the plant sale for the majority of the sale. If a qualified member is not available, the board has authorized the hiring of such a person at the discretion of the executive board, with salary to be determined by the executive board at that time.

Plant Sale Time Line


Early Fall (Sept. or Oct.) – get with suppliers and order plants, with regard to the record of plants ordered and sold in previous years.

January – The Proposed budget plant purchases is submitted to the Board for approval at the January Board meeting.

February – Plant orders are re-confirmed with suppliers.

2-3 weeks before sale – confirm with suppliers the list of plants that will or may not be ready and adjust with other suppliers if necessary.

1-2 weeks before sale – order from suppliers that offer only open stock sales and also adjust orders with other suppliers that also offer annuals for color, vegetables, and other “eye candy” items that will only sell if in flower. Also – check with scheduling of deliveries so that volunteers can be arranged if necessary.

Week of sale – accept delivery of plants and keep invoices secure until after sale.

The Plant Sale Chair is responsible for arranging for the distribution of any leftover plants after the sale is over. Notes regarding what the board approved for this process are in the minutes of the May, 2005 board of directors meeting.


Early in the year (Jan.) start arranging for volunteers to help set up, run, and tear down the plant sale.

Work with plant sale volunteer coordinators to make sure that enough help will be available in all areas and at all times needed.

Set up for the plant sale is normally earlier in the week before the sale (goal is completion by 4 p.m. Thursday). Tear down is immediately after the Plant Sale on Saturday.

The plant sale chairman can appoint a plant sale committee if desired and has traditionally appointed a volunteer coordinator, finance coordinator, and set-up/tear-down coordinator as needed.