Pioneer Unit Programs 2017-2018

September 14, 2017

St. John’s United Church of Christ – Burton

Basic Botany Made Fun” by Henry Flowers, Festival Hill Garden Director

Speaker Angel: Pam Traylor

Lunch: Salute to Salads

Host Team: Pat Cox, Sue Edmundson, Mike Cox, Verena Aeschbacher, Peggy Trochta


October 12, 2017

Brenham Presbyterian Church

The Witching Herbs” by Linda Rowlett, HSA Pioneer Unit

Speaker Angel: Henry Flowers

Lunch: Harvest Hits

Host Team: Cheryl Easley, Joyce Lane, Ronda Herzog, Karen Springer, Carla Lessard, Henry Flowers


November 9, 2017

Round Top Retreat

The Nature of Spirit or is it the Spirit of Nature?” by John Dromgoole, The Natural Gardener

Speaker Angel: Robert Lake

Lunch: Thanksgiving Favorites (Sign-up at earlier meetings)

Host Team: Euphanel Goad, Carla Lessard, Jane Press, Louise Rice, Kay Scanapico, Georgetta Welch, Mary Sockwell


December 14, 2017

Festival Hill Herzstein & Old Chapels

Bible Plants, History and Mystery” by Phoebe Lake, HSA Pioneer Unit

Speaker  Angel: Lori Yeats

Lunch: Unit Supported “Thank You” Holiday Lunch Festival Hill Menke House Dining Room

Members $5, Member Guest(s) $25 – Advance sign-up necessary Host Team: Betty Pior, Kay Robbins, Bob Sowers, Cheryl Easley, Tony Scanapico, Kay Scanapico


January 11, 2018

St. John’s United Church of Christ – Burton

“Goodness From the Vegetable Garden -Tips and Recipes for the Spring Season” by Patty Leander, Texas Gardener Magazine

Speaker  Angel: Lynn Ehler

Lunch: Vegetarian Dishes (or not)

Host Team: Kathe Forrest, Betty Pior, Kay Robbins, Wanda Hubbard, Joyce Caddell, Susan Yancey


February 8, 2018

Brenham Presbyterian Church

Bees, Honey and Hives” by Chris Kohnke, Pure Texas Honey

Speaker  Angel: Betty Pior

Lunch: Dishes for Your Honey

Host Team: Linda Hartson, Verena Aeschbacher, Catherine Gardner, Ann Allen, Belinda Weatherly, Royceanna Kendall


March 8, 2018

Festival Hill Service Bldg. (Lunch at Menke House)

Finishing Touches – Thyme Well Spent and Festival Hill Gardens

Lunch: Furnished for Volunteers – Advance sign-up necessary Members $5, Member Guest(s) $25

This is a working meeting lunch in prep for Herbal Forum

Host Team: Cindy Nash, Cathy Comiskey, Susan Bame, Diana Reed, Mary Ann Hillegeist, Oscar Hillegeist, Georgetta Welch


April 12, 2018

St. John’s United Church of Christ – Burton

“Second Annual Horticultural Trivia Competition!” by HSA Pioneer Unit Members

Speaker  Angel: Cindy Nash

Lunch: Roots, Shoots and Fruits

Host Team: Ginger Heath, Susan Lake, Candi Glancy, Cathy Nitsch, Lori Yeats, Linda Rowlett


May 10, 2018

Brenham Presbyterian Church

“Spring Thyme Cooking” by Chef Lisa Fritz, HEB

Speaker  Angel: Lucy Nehrkorn

Lunch: Choice Savory or Sweet Dishes

Host Team: Linda Rowlett, Belinda Weatherly, Pat Cox, Mike Cox, Johnnie Pitts, Frances Pittman


June 14, 2018

Round Top Christian Fellowship Church

“Saving the World One Herbal Bouquet at a Time” by Jay White, The Masters of Horticulture

Speaker  Angel: Carolyn Thomas

Lunch: Garden Fresh Hits

Host Team: Johnnie Pitts, Janie Cornelius, Bonnie Lout, Cathy Nitsch, Royceanna Kendall, Mary Doebbeling


July 12, 2018

St. John’s United Church of Christ – Burton

“Homeopathy – from flowers to bees to snakes and beyond” by Kathe Forrest, Nutritionist and Master Herbalist

Speaker  Angel: Mary Doebbeling

Lunch: Healthy and Fit

Host Team: Sherrie Tolbert, Susan Bame, Diana Reed, Leah Pearce, Beverly Elam, Jana Richardson


August, 2018 – No Pioneer Unit Meeting – Enjoy the Break!


September 13, 2018

Brenham Presbyterian Church

“Simply Herbs – Basics of Growing and Using These Special Plants” by Henry Flowers, Festival Hill Garden Director

Speaker  Angel:  Carolyn Thomas

Lunch: Herbal Inspirations

Host Team: Betty Powell, Mary Doebbeling, Lucy Nehrkorn, Patty Mills, Alton Ehler, Lynn Ehler