Hypertufa Explained

One of the items for sale at the annual Herbal Forum are hypertufa pots and mushrooms. These are wonderful garden pieces. They are lovely to use, but they are also very lightweight (even though they don’t look like it). While we are delighted to sell the ones we make, we are also willing to help you make your own.

Here’s how:

1. Take one part of each of the following and mix in a container large enough to give you “stirring” room: shredded peat moss, vermiculite, and portland cement. We use a wheelbarrow because of the quantity we make.

2. Add water and stir until the mixture is the consistency of a mudpie. If you get it too wet, add more ingredients in the proper proportions.

3. Line a container with plastic (such as sacks from the grocery store) to keep the mixture from sticking to the container.

4. Glop the mixture into the pot pressing it into place.

5. Use a second container to create the center or use your hands to open up the center depending upon the consistency of your mixture.

6. Let dry for several days (depends upon the temperature).

7. Slip the hypertufa pot from its container and remove the inside one.

8. Because the hypertufa contains cement which is acidic, fill the pot with water and let it stand for 2-3 months. This will leach the acidity out and make it a better planting pot.

If all this seems a bit more than you want to do, come visit us in March at the Herbal Forum and Sale to buy some already done.

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