Hosting Responsibilities

For each meeting there are 3-5 members on a host team.  Each host team member should contact the Host Team Coordinator (underlined in your yearbook).  If you can’t serve at the meeting, you are responsible for finding a substitute.  Please let the Host Team Coordinator and Hospitality Chair know the  choice of  your confirmed substitution.

The Hospitality Chair will bring the paper, plastic and coffee items to the meeting the month before you are to serve.  The Host Team Coordinator will take home those supplies in preparation for the coming month.

The host team is responsible for providing the following: drinks, ice, fresh cream for coffee and pre-meeting finger food. Juice  is optional. Coffee will be made for pre-meeting and it is your choice of making decaf and regular or just the regular coffee.  Lunch usually involves serving tea and water, and you will refill ice in cups, coffee and tea containers as they get low.

Hosting duties include opening up the areas, setting up the meeting and eating areas, removing empty dishes from buffet line, cleaning up and then closing the meeting room.  Head hosts are also responsible for organizing the luncheon and the table decorations.   The variety of room/table decorating makes our meetings unique, but decorations need not be elaborate.  Drinks, finger foods and decorations are at the discretion of the Host Team Coordinator.  While the members are serving themselves in the buffet line, the host team will monitor the serving area for presentability and keep the drinks replenished.  The host team should be the last members to serve themselves.  The meeting and food areas should be left as closely as possible to the manner in which they were found.  Using before set up phone camera photos may help in doing so.

Please make sure to record all your volunteer hours spent in serving as a host.