Hospitality Chair


  • Appointed by the Unit Chair and approved by the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Programs Committee and represented on the Board of Directors by the First Vice Chair
  • Two year term beginning July 1st following appointment
  • Does not need to attend Board meetings, but as with all members may do so if there is a desire or need to do so.


  • Organizing the members to host the lunch at the monthly Unit Meetings, including sign-up sheets, follow-up e-mails and phone calls and assembling the host/hostess teams.


  • Getting information to Programs Chair regarding the teams who have signed up and when they will serve, so it can be entered in the new yearbooks at printing time (August).


  • Purchasing the needed paper goods and supplies for the monthly meetings which are provided by the Unit.


  • Re-supplying the lunch and coffee bins each month and arranging to deliver them to the head of the next host/hostess team. This can be done in advance at the meeting prior to the one they will host/hostess or meeting them at a place and time that is convenient for delivery before the next meeting.
  • Coordinate sign-up for dishes brought to the November (Thanksgiving) meeting by having sign-up sheets at the September and October meetings.
  • If possible help Special Event Chair by collecting money for field trips.
  • If amenable, collect items for door prizes at general meetings and hold door-prize drawing at said meetings. This could possibly be coordinated with the Programs Chair.
  • Collect money for any paid meals such as those normally held in December at Festival Hill.


  • Serve under the First Vice Chair (Programs) as a committee member.


  • Maintaining a list of persons who would be interested in serving in the event someone cannot host due to unknown circumstances that may arise.
  • Write report for the Unit Annual Meeting highlighting accomplishments for the year.



This position does require quite a lot of time to organize the teams and replenish the bins on a monthly basis. The candidate should start early to get people to sign up for dates they prefer to serve. It is kind of difficult when the dates are set but the location is not yet determined and a theme has not been established, so you must work closely with the First Vice Chair to get that set up in a timely manner for the deadline of the printing of the yearbooks. It requires computer time and phone calls to fill the vacancies, as well as signup sheets at the meetings. This is done in May, June, and July since the printer needs the data early in August.