First Vice Chair – Programs


  • Elected by the Pioneer Unit Membership
  • Officer of the Board
  • Member of the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Chair of the Programs Committee
  • Chair of Yearbook Committee
  • Attend all Unit meetings as possible
  • Attend all Board of Directors Meetings
  • Two year term beginning July 1st following election


  • Read, be familiar with and up hold the Bylaws and Governing Rules of the Pioneer Unit as well as the Mission Statement of The Herb Society of America. This information is printed in the Yearbook.
  • The First Vice Chair shall preside over general, board and/or executive board meetings in the absence of the Unit Chair. In such instances, shall have full power and responsibility of the Unit Chair.
  • Is the Chair of the Programs Committee and shall appoint the remainder of the committee. Committee usually consists of 5 members – 4 members and the Unit Chair.
  • Duties of the Programs Committee are to arrange for speakers, meeting locations, and speaker angels for each General Meeting of the Program Year (September to July). Also, to coordinate with Hospitality Chair to make arrangements for lunch at these meetings.
  • At meeting: introduce speaker and thank speaker at the end of presentation, then proceed to announce the next month’s speaker and location. The Hospitality coordinator and hostesses/hosts should be acknowledged by name and thanked.
  • Give treasurer a check request form for speaker ($150) and location ($125). It does help to do this a month in advance, so the treasurer can have the checks written and ready for signatures at the meeting. Include thank you notes with the check for the speaker and a thank you note with the check for the location.
  • Bring PA system to each meeting in case there is a problem with the location’s sound system and it is needed.
  • Two weeks prior to each meeting, contact location and speaker for re-confirmation and to inquire of any speaker needs for that day.
  • Write a brief summary for the Pioneer Unit monthly newsletter, also announcing the following month’s program and location.
  • Will also be the Chairman of the Yearbook Committee, which will consist of the Unit Chair and the Second Vice Chair. Additional members will be appointed by the Unit Chair if necessary.
  • Duties of the Yearbook committee are to oversee the preparation and printing of the yearbook as well as distribution of the books to the Unit Members by Membership Chair. Yearbook procedures are included with the transition documents.
  • Write report for the Unit Annual Meeting highlighting accomplishments for the year.
  • Review Transition Documents near end of term and revise if necessary.