• Receives appointment by the Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors for a two-year term beginning July 1.
  • Attends all Unit meetings as possible.
  • Attends all Board meetings as a member of the Board of Directors.

General Statement:  Shall serve as the chair of the communications committee that includes the following areas: publicity, newsletter, social media, and website.


  • Oversee areas that comprise communications;
  • With the help of the President, recruit members to cover all duties:
  • Provide guidance and help for area chairs regarding their responsibilities;
  • Monitor committee expenses including website costs, newspaper ads, Facebook ads, and the yearly Herbarist ad;
  • Publicize Plant Sale;
    • Note: Limit publicity to the Plant Sale rather than the Forum itself.
  • Submit Herbarist ad;
  • Submit Board report following Herbal Forum and for other Board meetings;
  • Determine additional means of communications;
  • Meet with successor at end of term to facilitate transition.

Area Responsibilities:

Publicity/Public Relations

  • Maintain a list of publicity sites including Chamber of Commerces, print newspapers correspondents, garden clubs, magazines, radio stations, newspapers, and hand delivered flyers.
  • Email plant sale flyers, calendar notices, and briefs about mid-February and again mid-March to publicity sites.
  • Enter Plant Sale information on Chamber of Commerce sites that allow entries.
  • Place ads in Banner Press, Fayette County Record, and other newspapers for plant sale;
  • Submit daily briefs about Plant Sale for the Brenham Banner;
  • Keep a publicity file;

Social Media: Facebook

  • Update Facebook site;
  • Respond to Facebook comments and messages as appropriate;
  • Post HSA meeting information;
  • Post HSA images;
  • Post link to HSA newsletter;
  • Post Plant Sale brochure in February;
  • Post Plant Sale list as soon as available;
  • Post Plant Sale entry weekly till event;
  • Provide Facebook stats for Board report.


  • Keep HSA website up-to-date including programs, officers, and directory;
  • Post HSA newsletter;
  • Post next Plant Sale date on website as soon as old one is finished;
  • Post Plant Sale brochure on website as soon as available.


  • Request newsletter articles from members;
  • Create monthly newsletter;
  • Publish newsletter to all members and associates.


  • Manage email account;
  • Manage list serv account including member email addresses;
  • Respond to or forward email as needed.