Presenter Angel Responsibilities

The Presenter Angel assists the Programs Chair and provides the presenter with welcome and support.  You should contact the Programs Chair at least a month before the presenter is scheduled to enquire about specific needs and support.

Support for the presenter will include but may not be limited to the following: determine if lectern, power point equipment, tabletop areas, and possibly kitchen area activities will be necessary.  If additional sound or projection equipment is needed, again coordinate with the Programs Chair. Determine also if help will be needed for possible signing/selling of books, products, etc.

If programs include food, there may be recipes to help with and additional items which the Host Team Coordinator or Programs Chair may be able to procure. Special table needs may be communicated to the Host Team Coordinator. If purchases are necessary, the Unit has a tax exemption form available for use. Be sure to maintain any expense receipts in order to be reimbursed.

On the day of the meeting, plan to arrive early enough to greet the presenter, assist him or her with finding a place to sit, enjoy pre-meeting snacks, coffee etc. and finalize anything they may need for the presentation. After speaking, please guide the presenter to the luncheon line.

At end of the program, help the presenter, if needed, in ‘packing up’. As a final note, verbally thank the presenter for coming to the meeting. (The Programs Chair provides the “formal” thank you note and the presenter’s honorarium). If any questions or problems, please contact the Programs Chair. Most of all, enjoy becoming acquainted with the presenter and receiving the in-depth look and experience of the subject being presented. Thank you again for your participation and be sure to report your volunteer hours and non-reimbursed donations in preparing for the meeting.